Antiradiation properties of alpha tocopherol, anthocyans, and pyracetam administered combined as a pretreatment course.


The effects of an pretreatment course (2 x 5 days) combining vitamin E 20 mg/kg, anthocyans 50 mg/kg, and pyracetam 200 mg/kg on animal survival after lethal irradiation (8 Gy) and blood formation after sublethal irradiation (6 Gy) were studied in mice. Assessments were based on records of an integral criterion, 30-day survival, of spleen weight and cellularity, and of bone-marrow cellularity. Pretreatment with the mixture distinctly raised survival rate (50%) in the protected population. The effect observed was shown to result from potentiating interactions between mixture components. Blood-forming organs experienced less radiation damage, and recovery processes in them were stimulated.


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