Sustainable energy education: Hybrid electric vehicles


This paper presents an approach to lifelong education in sustainable energy technologies developed for two main groups of learners: (1) professionals from electro-mechanical (mechatronics) industry and (2) teachers/professors in technical and science programs from secondary schools. Multimedia, interactive e-learning material was prepared that both groups can use for self-education. Additionally, the teachers can use the material for education of their pupils. Nine comprehensive learning modules were prepared covering the following thematic areas: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hybrid Vehicles, Electric Vehicles and Energyfaving Light Sources. The modules were developed by the researchers/professors from 7 European universities, thus delivering up-to date knowledge in this field. E-learning material is available on a learning portal that has all functionalities necessary for supervised distance training and individual self-education. The learning experience is enhanced by virtual and remote experiments that enable better understanding of presented concepts respectively the acquisition of some hands-on experience. The learning module addressing energy storage in hybrid vehicles with virtual experiments is presented in more details.


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